We’ll miss you – thank you x

With the Olympic Closing Ceremony being such a big emotional high for us, it was also extremely sad as it saw the very final Spelbound performances for five of our original members.

Edward, Doug, Lauren, Abi and Hollianne had been in Spelbound since day one and were important members who contributed hugely to the success we have enjoyed since early 2010.

However life goes on. Doug and Ed are pursuing their own stage act whilst Abi takes up a year long position in a school before starting her University career at Loughborough in 2013. Lauren will be coaching whilst she starts to get her career post gymnastics under way and Hollianne is focussing on her school work and enjoying a ‘normal teenagers life’ having been doing gymnastics from a very early age.

We cannot express how much we will miss them and how grateful everyone connected with Spelbound is for their undoubted skills and contribution. They will be part of the Spelbound story forever having all stood on the BGT stage on that famous night in July 2010 with the memory of Edward flying over the judges heads still fresh in the nations minds.

Thank you guys – we really will miss you.

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